East Coast Cruise

10 days, 21 boats, 63 sailors from Greenwich Yacht Club took part in an annual event the East Coast Cruise. This year it was between 17 and 26 August with start at GYC pontoon, 10:00.
The first leg was to Queenborough, than Brightlingsea, Woolverstone, Woodbridge, Walton Backwaters, Fambridge, River Roach, Harty Ferry, Queenborough and back to GYC.
Wreck on the River Deben
We started with almost no wind and beautiful sunny day but weather forecast with strong winds in the late afternoon. By that time we all should be safely moored but weather happened to change a lot earlier, so Estuary became rough and an easy sailing turned into very challenging. Some boats experienced problems with one loosing sail and propulsion, so they had to be towed to the destination.
The rough waters and wind gusting up to 30 knots left us soaked but our Galion 22 proved to be seaworthy.
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Galion 22 project – Courage I

It is almost 2 years when I and my friend began work on Galion 22 named Courage 1. Actually, the first stage was completed last year in July and boat was on the water there after.
We did some sailing and this allowed me to discover issues not recognised earlier, so boat was pulled out for further repairs and improvements and back on the water, however there were still things we thought could be done later. So, last April I lifted it out of the water because of damages done to her on the moorings and this also was a good moment for further improvements.
As the Courage 1 is now ready to launch again, I came to the point where I would like to share my experiences on this project. This is why I started a page, Galion 22 for this purpose where I step-by-step will show you all that have been done. Some of those were inboard engine installation, engine box build, running rigging refit, mast and boom refit, paint work and map table build.

Galion 22
I hope this will help many other sailors on similar projects.

Publishing IS so EASY on the Internet


Nowadays, anyone can publish whatever he / she wants.

The Internet is yet free media where anyone can create a blog and express own ideas… Really? There are more and more countries blocking access to it and many others are doing whatever they can to stop free speech, de-legalize it and tell you what can or cannot be published.
In my opinion the main reason is one – it is “inconvenient” when someone discloses government’s corruption and wrongdoing. Without going into detail, the list of many gov’s crimes is long and most of you can point to at least 5.

But, is it not my intention to discuss governments. I think that ordinary life is interesting enough and this is what I would like to share here with you.

I mean my interests 🙂 such as boat building and repairs, sailing, photography and ecology in a very wide aspect.