East Coast Cruise

10 days, 21 boats, 63 sailors from Greenwich Yacht Club took part in an annual event the East Coast Cruise. This year it was between 17 and 26 August with start at GYC pontoon, 10:00.
The first leg was to Queenborough, than Brightlingsea, Woolverstone, Woodbridge, Walton Backwaters, Fambridge, River Roach, Harty Ferry, Queenborough and back to GYC.
Wreck on the River Deben
We started with almost no wind and beautiful sunny day but weather forecast with strong winds in the late afternoon. By that time we all should be safely moored but weather happened to change a lot earlier, so Estuary became rough and an easy sailing turned into very challenging. Some boats experienced problems with one loosing sail and propulsion, so they had to be towed to the destination.
The rough waters and wind gusting up to 30 knots left us soaked but our Galion 22 proved to be seaworthy.

Later into our cruising along the East Coast gave us warmer and dryer experiences excluding two rainy days. All-in-all we had all sorts of weather but most importantly it was lovely and relaxing time while site-seeing and visiting beautiful harbours. If I can recommend any place than Woolverstone on the River Orwell with nearby Pinmill and Woodbridge on the River Deben would be my picks.

On the eight day we dropped anchors on the Swale by Harty Ferry. It was one of those partly rainy days but all looked good so far. We spend few hours in the local pub enjoying conversation, nice meals and beer.
When back on the boat the wind picked-up and showers were more often and heavier leading to very difficult night on the choppy water with howling wind.
The next morning showed different picture. Few boats dragged their anchors and one landed on one of three wrecks, what a luck! Happily, no damages were done and no one get hurt.
Sitting on the wreck
Two days later we were back to GYC having great eventful holiday and an additional 274 sailing miles under the belt.

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